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Chinese herbal medicine RFID anti-counterfeiting system

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  Establishment of Chinese medicinal materials circulation system, control the quality from the source, not only standardized cultivation and management, but also promote the farmer increase income. "Minxian County, fuping, the Secretary introduced the traditional Chinese medicine industry Development Council, the County combined with the County, highlighting the" finite traces "and" selective retrospective "created work with farmers to operating mode. Farmers loose cultivation, strengthen the training of plant, fostering standardization of production, from planting and digging the source to establish a retrospective effect. The development of modern logistics and warehouse facilities, establishing special facilities for bulk herbs, local back service center in circulation to strengthen supervision. Establishing traceability of Internet and e-commerce management systems, flow of data, cloud computing, construction of Gansu medicines regulatory traceability system, establishment of traditional Chinese medicine circulation system database, set up identification bar code for each item. Network set up back identification numbers, electronic documents, smart back scales, information literacy, emergency management, data transfer, Terminal and other ancillary facilities necessary.
  Is the Chinese herbal medicine production in Gansu province, is the traditional Chinese medicine trade province. In the production and distribution process, the quality control is very important. In this regard, the provincial Department of Commerce attaches great importance to construction of Chinese medicinal materials circulation system, efforts to better the quality control from the source. Meanwhile, Chinese medicinal herbs, vegetables and other system construction of accurate poverty as an important measure to catch, smooth consumption, promote farmers increase production and poverty.
"Gansu Chinese herbal medicines of good quality, in particular, Angelica sinensis, Radix codonopsis, known as the King of the herbs, in Malaysia a good reputation. "Not long ago at 117 on the trade fair, Malaysia Group Managing Director of Seagull praise that got Chen in Gansu Chinese herbal medicines.
  According to the provincial Department of commerce survey, currently the province standardized production (GAP) base construction is lagging behind, less enterprise + base number, small size, most still remain self-employed scattered planting, lack of standardization and standardized management. Some farmers in order to prevent plant diseases and insect pests and increase production, irrational use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in medicinal material production, resulting in some medicine residues exceeding. In warehousing, transportation, sales and other areas lack of discipline, supervision, likely to cause secondary pollution.
  Revealed problems in the circulation of these potential markets, exposing Chinese herbal medicine urgent to improve the flow of traceability system, which can monitor the dates of circulation system. At present, Chinese herbal medicine enterprise in dingxi city a river, by using the international code, bar code automatic identification technology, network communication and database technology to achieve geographical environment, planting seeds, seedlings of Chinese herbal medicines, procurement processing, testing effective dynamic processes such as storage management, and information analysis. Meanwhile, will market authentic Chinese herbal products labeled as "identity," two-dimensional bar codes or RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, record plant, processing, testing and information on all aspects of logistics and distribution. "In the ' ID number ' bound Chinese herbal product responsibility, quality parameters and flow of key data such as information, and network information transmission and verification platform complete, effective control of the quality of traditional Chinese medicine industry in various aspects. "Dingxi, head of a Chinese herbal medicine enterprise said.
"With reference to international conventions, the province of traditional Chinese medicine ' go ' also faces many difficulties, the need for further increase promotion of Chinese medicine-related products, establishing a standardized system of marketing. "Provincial Department of Commerce.


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