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Shenzhen Yantian port RFID vehicle management project

Time:2016-06-18 / Popularity:

  Yantian international container terminals (yict) by Hutchison ports and port of Shenzhen Yantian port group joint venture to set up Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises; in 1994, trading in, and is responsible for the operation and management I, II, expansion project and Yantian Wharf West, maintaining double-digit growth in throughput of Yantian international calendar year 2007 throughput 10.016 million TEU.
  Yantian international container terminals is large in scale, equipment, equipment management, manpower is difficult to achieve good results only, and even reduce the availability of equipment, affect the production of terminal operations. TWAIN technology to provide Yantian international port equipment information and intelligent management solutions, including wireless meter reading, and electronic counting equipment positioning and box-level detection, intelligent maintenance and asset management systems, weather monitoring and warning system of the area.
  Specific functions of the system:
  Seamless switching power supply: ensure gantry crane gantry crane power meter can be realized when it is turned on, powered by diesel engine provides power, when crane down, powered by batteries, the system uses low-power mode.
  Using radio to realize wide area wireless meter reading: through the Terminal to existing radio communications systems, gantry cranes on the counter data is sent to the control centre of base stations, base stations on the radio by connecting PC machines running the software, automatic gantry crane of the data to be stored in a file. Also available via WIFI, GPRS, wireless channel meter.
  Uses PDA for wireless meter reading in order to make up for the short distance radio meter cannot be copied from the individual device power failure that may occur problems, increasing PDA wireless meter reading. Through a dedicated software, PDA can be read no meter number, site meter, and then transfer the data to the server, all gantry crane of the meter.