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Green Qinghai agro-pastoral origin of RFID platform

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 "Green agro-pastoral origin of RFID platform in Qinghai" the main farming enterprise in the production process (into the bar, daily feeding, immunization, disease and feeding products, growth cycle such as reminders, slaughter and milking), employee management, financial accounting, information management, improve the level of enterprise informatization. Application of RFID technology in conjunction with the database of the system technology, network technology, distributed computing technology to establish cattle farming systems of automation, information fusion, query, monitor, system should provide comprehensive management features, automatic generation of various reports, for the healthy growth of cattle to achieve early warning mechanisms.
First, use
  1, establish identity management, identity for cattle and their products
  Systems are equipped with electronic identification for each head of cattle, and this identification with 16 digits, on the State of each animal to get one by one, without confusion, repeat, will not change, ensuring absolutely accurate and reliable management of object data, indicators.
  2, the establishment of controllability management
  Enterprise production processes, reduce hand records due to poor, by mistake, can avoid problems such as leakage rate;
3, realize the whole information of cattle feeding and immunization tracking and tracing
Using this system, because each unit of each animal's diet, exercise, health status 24 h all-weather control, set in the computer and health early warning, outbreak of any epidemic situation and the General can be automatically recognized, and timely recognition and treatment, which can be highly charged. Can easily make use of computer access to macro or individual stock and slaughter, disease and other conditions, and an accurate choice. If there is a problem, can be traced back to a specific cow, easy to take timely measures of the problem.
  4, the establishment of information management
  Sets the value of each stage of the growth cycle in advance, due system automatically alerts, to monitor and assist staff processes, the role of aging in a row.
II. problem solving
  1, save cost: application systems, reasonable planning in various positions, but also reduces human participation, reduce error, errors, leaks, loss reduction, resulting in cost savings;
  2, explicit staff responsibilities: System saves a complete historical data for the enterprise, if problems with links, you may be the first responsibility to the people;
  3, quality management system processes, automatic acquisition key node data, positive view, reverse traceability, ensuring product quality, safe and reliable;
  4, improve efficiency through information management systems, standardized production process, some links to equipment to replace manual, ensuring data relevance, real and effective, reduce labor costs, personal responsibility, clear lines of responsibility, reduce accident rates, greatly improving production efficiency and management efficiency as a whole.
III. business process
  (1) information on farm and barn
Companies under or partners of farms and barn for detailed registration information, information can be recorded in specific information, such as farm size, location, belonging to a single, age, owner, slaughter, and environmental parameters.
(2) a variety of information
All farms all the cattle or other livestock registration information, including carcasses, codes, growth, pathogenic records, immunization records, expected slaughter time.
(3) production of materials management
Material (main raw materials) to register information in the system operator by software name, material, items purchased, purchase information such as factories into the management system. Material of the whole management system of the source data.
(4) prevention, immunization information
Be different varieties or categories of cattle disease prevention and immunization standards for registration to facilitate future automatic warning system, A43 cattle this week the need for routine immunization, which can greatly reduce the work for farm staff and improve efficiency.
(5) disease, abnormal symptoms information
The registration of disease and abnormal symptoms will often occur, including illnesses, hazards, and copying methods.
(6) cattle health information
Automatically more vulnerable and less sick cattle, doing shows and record cattle pathogenesis, disease treatment, rehabilitation personnel, time, disease number, weight, breed, used in pharmacy, degree of rehabilitation after treatment.
(7) the cattle into the column information
Records number of farms, homes, fields, tag ID number, file number, date of birth, the variety and number of varieties, mother, father and number, into the bar, time, use, weight, etc.
(8) the cattle slaughter information
Systems based on feeding
 (9) cow milk production information
System is based on cow fertility, breastfeeding, and other related data can be automatically prompted officers recently be milked, weight and date. One-on-one monthly and quarterly and annual milk production statistics;
(10) the veterinary information
All veterinary drugs will be used to register, including manufacturers, distributors, category of veterinary drugs, symptoms, duration, and so on.
(11) the disinfection management
Job in disinfection of farms and cattle in accordance with the regulations, disinfection disinfection cycle, disinfection, disinfection personnel, medicines, disinfected cattle numbers as soon as the results registered in the system.
(12) the temperature information management:
Temperature is the most important factors affecting cattle growth, ensuring cattle normal body temperature is very important.
(13) the cattle sales management
Cattle sales do register and real-time queries in a timely manner.
(14) the cattle slaughter rate information
This system for nearly 2 years, cattle slaughter, cattle slaughter rate in order to generate the graph, records of cattle slaughter rate of cattle breed. And automatically from the cattle breed, feed ratio, temperature screening, disease immune analysis causes of imbalance causing the slaughter rate, and the report display.
(15) information management
Data upload: breeding process the collected data stored in the handset, handset and farm management systems to complete the data transfer by wireless means. Farming business data management system automatically upload to the management center via the Internet.
Financial management: financial statistics, forming a variety of reports, implementation of the master returns;
People management: keeping personnel inspection, time and attendance management;
Optional features:
Temperature and humidity control: through environmental temperature and humidity monitoring devices of automatic regulation of temperature and humidity.
Automatic disinfection channel: channel system with automatic disinfection, disinfected thoroughly, leaving no dead ends.
Electronic monitoring system: monitoring breeder operation specifications, observe the cattle, for foreign visitors, purchasing personnel to watch cattle video images.