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High speed automatic sorting system logistics RFID

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  High speed of development in recent years, in order to seek more profit growth, and constantly extend their industry chains, cross-border cooperation, in addition to u-speed is constantly strengthening the basic construction of the express delivery industry, will invest more energy in the Courier industry. Can be said that the modern enterprise's development is inseparable from improving the level of this, high speed bulk transfer station construction in Ningbo will also contribute significantly to speed the transformation to a mechanized company.
  Mechanized production of direct and obvious advantages that will greatly improve the efficiency of the production process. Now most of private express delivery companies, including u-speed in manual scan sorting warehouse way, if used machine sorting scanning inbound will substantially reduce the human input. High speed need good staff work plan elaborated, so that staff can better respond to the machine, this will reduce the high speed express on the storage of human investment, so as to achieve greater economic benefits.
  It is reported that the input machine can achieve a small 40,000 pieces of work, believe that for u-speed, this will increase the productivity of enterprises. The bulk transfer station building was nearing completion, I believe will soon be put to use, will further promote the high speed development in the industry. Hope u-speed to bring better services to consumers.
  Distribution center of advanced automatic sorting system is one of the essential conditions of facilities.
  With high efficiency, usually an hour sorting items 6000-12000 boxes;
  It can be said that automatic sorting machine is a key factor in improving the efficiency of logistics and distribution.
  Automatic sorting system in General by the control unit, classification unit, conveyor and sorting at the composition.
  1, the control device recognition, is the role of receiving and processing the pickup signal, according to sort the requests for the indication of the signal device, by commodity, according to the product category of the service or by the owner for automatic classification of goods. These sorting needs are different ways, such as through bar-code scanning, color code scanning, keyboard input detection, speech recognition, height, weight and shape recognition, way, entered in the sorting system, according to the judgment of these sorting signals, to decide whether a particular commodity which one to enter the pickup level crossing.
  2, classification devices based on control the sorting instructions given when goods with the same sorting signals through the device, the device, change run into the other direction in the conveyor conveyor or into the pickup crossing. Many types of device, generally introduced, came to type, italic type and branch type, different devices to pick up the goods and packaging materials, packaging weight, smoothness of the bottom surface of the package, which are not exactly the same requirements.
  3, conveyor conveyor belts or conveyor is the main component, whose main role is to make sorting goods cross through the control device, device, and conveying equipment on both sides of highway crossings to connect some sort, well commodities slide down the main conveyor (or main belt) for subsequent operations.
  4, sorting crossing is detached from the main conveyor sorting goods (or belt) into the delivery area of the channel, generally consist of strips, belts, rollers and other slide, making goods from the main to the delivery conveyor sliding platform, where the crossing of all goods by staff or put in storage after the concentration or loading and distribution operations of the group.
  More than four devices linked together through computer networks, manual control and the corresponding manual links constitute an automatic sorting system.
  Automated sorting systems have the following features
  1, can continue to pick up the goods in large quantities. Due to used big production in the using of line automatically job way, automatically sorting system not by climate, and time, and people of physical, of limit, can continuous run, while due to automatically sorting system units time sorting pieces number more, so automatically sorting system of sorting capacity is continuous run 100 hours above, each hours can sorting 7,000 pieces packaging commodity, as with artificial is each hours only sorting 150 pieces around, while sorting personnel also cannot in this intensity Xia continuous work 8 hours.
  2, the pickup very low error rate. Automatic sorting system, enter sorting sorting error rate depends on the size of the accuracy of the information, which in turn depends on input mechanism of sorting information, if you enter using the keyboard or voice recognition, the error rate is above 3%, such as bar code scanning input, unless the bar code printing itself any errors that you otherwise won't make mistakes. Therefore, automatic sorting system using bar code technology to identify the goods.
  3, pick basic realization of unmanned. Automatic sorting systems abroad one of the aims is to reduce the use, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve staff efficiency, so automatic sorting system can minimize the use, basically no one. Picking itself does not need use of personnel, the use is limited to the following:
  (1) delivery vehicle arrived at the purchase of automatic sorting line side, picking by hand.
  (2) manual operation of the control system.
  (3) the sorting line will sort the goods set out by hand at the end load, loading.
  (4) operation, management and maintenance of automatic sorting system.
  United States a company distribution center covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, sorting nearly 400,000 products each day, only 400 or so staff, that some of these personnel were engaged in the above (1), (3), (4), automatic sorting genuine to the unmanned operation.
Using RFID advanced sorting system has four main steps:
First, before the picking began, first handling picking information, express pick should be based on the output sorting order form the order processing system picking information and sorting operations. Okamura slide type automatic sorting machine for sorting packages, improved sorting accuracy.
Secondly, the goods and classified information through automated classification and information input device, input control system.
Third, the automatic sorting system using computer control technology, will goods and classification automated information processing and data transfer instructions to sorting machinery.
Finally, using sorting machine using barcode technology, RFID and other automatic identification devices, automated classification of goods picking when the goods through the transplanting device moves on a conveyor from the conveyor systems move to the classification system, classification at the discharge device according to the preset again launched express shipment classification and classification requirements, complete the sorting operation.