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Time:2018-08-17 / Popularity:

As we all know, license plates, real names, etc., these are the existence of a card that must be installed on a car. The Transportation Department has a clear provision for this. Its main purpose is to facilitate management, ensure the most orderly traffic order, and provide the owner with an electronic license plate.
Car electronic logo, commonly known as "electronic license plate", is an application based on the subdivision, extension and improvement of passive RF identification(RFID) technology on the Internet of Things. Its basic technical measures are: Using RFID high-precision identification, high-accuracy acquisition, and high-sensitivity technical features, an electronic license plate tag is installed on a motor vehicle, and the RFID electronic license plate is used as a vehicle information carrier. The data on the electronic license plates of each motor vehicle is collected or written by passing through a section equipped with an authorized radio frequency identification reader to achieve the purpose of various comprehensive traffic management.
For electronic licenses, which can be called car ID cards, more than a dozen vehicle information such as license plate number, type, model type, annual inspection period, and nature of use are integrated. The information of electronic licenses is unique, just like ID cards. Paperless, automated, intelligent electronic license plate, can avoid being used, embezzled and copied. The most realistic feasibility factor is that the system can be fully integrated into the existing illegal monitoring system in China. This card is more convenient for traffic police to check the car. Traffic police can come out of the vehicle information with a special instrument to scan, so many counterfeit vehicles and smuggling vehicles are in hiding.
Because traditional license plates are easy to block and tamper with, electronic license plates can effectively avoid these situations. As long as the vehicle passes through, whether or not it is blocked or tampered with, it can quickly(less than 0.1 seconds) accurately identify vehicle information. The electronic license plate is mandatory for the car to be installed, and it may face a fine of 500 yuan if it is not installed or dismantled privately. In fact, this electronic license plate has not just been proposed, and has been demonstrated in Wuxi, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Beijing.
In some cities that have already been implemented, 500 penalties are imposed for not installing such a card! I want you all to pay attention!