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Southeast Asia's first Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket Opens

Time:2018-08-07 / Popularity:

August 2 news, Southeast Asia's first unmanned supermarket, Jingdong X unmanned supermarket Indonesia PIK shop was officially put into operation today, through artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, biometric and other Jingdong self-research technology, brought a new shopping model for Indonesian consumers.
According to reports, as the first store to land overseas in Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket, Jingdong X Unmanned Supermarket Indonesia PIK Store has an area of 270 square meters, including clothing, home, beauty makeup, daily consumer products and other products, more than 2,000 SKUs, It is currently the largest and the most abundant SKU in all Jingdong X unmanned supermarkets.
As in China, when consumers enter the X unmanned supermarket Indonesian PIK store, they use the brush face to bind personal identity and payment information. Due to the RFID RF identification technology adopted by the supermarket, consumers can complete the settlement only through the intelligent settlement channel.. Unlike in China, Jingdong X Supermarket Indonesia PIK Store pays more attention to the combination of offline retail and interactive experience.
It is reported that in addition to overseas stores, the domestic Jingdong X unmanned supermarket has landed in more than 20 stores in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Jinan, Xiongan New District and other cities in more than six months.