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You're still paying with Alipay WeChat? Unlock Payment New C

Time:2018-08-01 / Popularity:

Mobile phones become an indispensable part of our lives. With mobile phones, we can contact our friends and family anytime, with mobile phones, we can achieve easy work anywhere, and with mobile phones, we can always play blackouts with friends. With the mobile phone, we can pay anytime, anywhere, and avoid the embarrassment of going out without a wallet. Is that all it takes to make things easier for us? Of course it's not enough! Careful friends can see that the newly bought mobile phone has an additional feature-NFC function, so what is this function used for? Let me give you a detailed introduction.
First of all, we want to understand what the NFC is. NFC(Near Field Communications) is a near-field communication, also known as close-range wireless communication. It is a short-distance high-frequency wireless communication technology. Allow non-contact point-to-point data transmission(within 10 cm) between electronic devices to exchange data.
So what impact can it have on our lives?
1. Mobile payment
When it comes to mobile payments, the first thing that comes to mind are Alipay and WeChat, the hottest payments in recent years, and recently Huawei has come up with a new kind of payment -- Huawei Pay, of course, Xiaomi Apple has similar NFC technology. By binding the bank card to touch the payment directly, instead of opening the software like Alipay or WeChat, providing the payment code, you can directly touch the NFC area, directly pop up the amount window, and input the amount can be determined. Mom doesn't have to worry about my phone getting stuck anymore.
2. Pass Card
We can use the cell phone as a bus card, a subway card, any time. In life, it is very annoying to forget to bring change or bus card or subway card. A mobile phone with NFC function can make you a maximum card, and it is faster and more convenient than Alipay. What, don't believe? Look at the picture.
Of course, you might say that Alipay is OK. Alipay in the brush bus time, you need to open the Alipay in advance, the payment code opened in advance, and also accurate alignment of the scanning of the area of two-dimensional code, more than the direct brush phone is much slower.
3. It is easier to unlock a shared bicycle.
When we often encounter poor light in our lives, scanning shared bicycles can be more troublesome. Instead of wasting more time on it, why not try the NFC function?
4. Information Transfer
Implement connections between mobile phones, such as connecting two NFC devices and performing point-to-point data transmission, such as downloading music, photo interchange, and exchanging address books.
5. Access to information
Users can connect NFC phones to smart public telephones or posters with NFC features on the street to browse traffic information.