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Implement intelligent management of books, how to use ultra

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Smart RFID electronic label
1. The library book information is entered into the RFID label, affixed to each book, and information such as the location of the library information is transmitted to the background management database. The RFID label has a longer service life than ordinary bar codes and magnetic strips.
2. Librarians use RFID handheld inventory book scanning RFID electronic labels, can quickly and efficiently query, inventory and management of books, can greatly reduce the workload of administrators, effectively improve work efficiency.
What is the advantage of high frequency RFID electronic label and bar code paper comparison?
1, bar code is visual communication technology. That is, the scanner must "see" the bar code to read it, which means that people usually have to point the bar code at the scanner to be effective; Radio frequency recognition does not require visual transmission technology. Rfid tags can only be read within the read range of the reader.
2, the bar bar with the bar code is torn, defaced or shed, it is impossible to scan the identification items; Ultra high frequency RFID electronic label is well concealed, easy to tear or stain, and can be identified remotely
3, bar codes can only identify manufacturers and product names, recognition information is limited; Rfid electronic tags allow recognition of only items
The traditional book management method is not only inefficient, but also prone to mistakes, resulting in lower satisfaction of readers; The introduction of RFID technology into library management can realize intelligent and automated book management, which can not only improve the quality of service, but also increase readers 'satisfaction with the library. Intelligent, automated and personalized libraries are also the trend of future mainstream development