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See the difference between a keyless boot and a keyless entr

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Nowadays, car ownership is based on configuration heroes. Whether it is a luxury brand or an ordinary brand, it has made great efforts in vehicle configuration. These configurations are not only more convenient, but also make the sense of luxury and technology multiply. However, some configurations are different word by word. Guys and girls, pay attention.
Today, distinguish between the two high-tech products that have no keys to start and no keys to enter. Although these two configurations are two words different, the effect is still very different.
1, no key start
The Keyless Start System, which starts the vehicle and no longer unlocks the key, is that the car key has a smart chip that puts the key in the bag or pocket, and presses the START key in the car to start the vehicle. This function can be said to be more convenient for the car, but also make the vehicle multiply the sense of luxury, technology.
2, no key entry
Key Free Access, referred to as PKE(PASIVE KEYLESS ENTER), uses the world's most advanced RFID radio frequency technology and the most advanced vehicle identification system. In simple terms, the switch car no longer uses the key. When the key is close to the car, the door automatically opens the lock and removes the anti-theft alert state. At this time, press the door handle and you can open the door; When the key leaves the body, the door is automatically locked and entered the anti-theft alert state.
What's the difference between a keyless boot and a keyless entry?
In general, there is no key to start, there must be no key to enter the function, but there is no key to enter the function, not necessarily without a key to start. Keyless startup is a more advanced configuration, and keyless entry is a common configuration that is more convenient when the owner's hands are occupied.
Therefore, when you buy a car, do not confuse these two configurations. In addition to the convenience of using the keyless start-up system, it is also very helpful for vehicle theft and safety.
After starting the vehicle, the door will automatically lock when the brake is pressed
2, the key encryption system makes it impossible to copy.
3, when the driver enters the car, the system will identify the owner. If it is not himself, the vehicle can not start and will immediately call the police.
4, automatically close the window after locking the car.
5, even if the anti-theft device was illegally dismantled, the vehicle could not be started by locking the circuit, the oil road, and the start three points.
In contrast, it seems that there is no key to enter and there is only one opening and closing function, so when choosing a car, the smart ones will choose a car with no key to start the configuration. Such high-tech configuration was previously only a luxury car. There is a configuration, Now the general model also has. If there is a difference of 1-2 million yuan between the same models, will you choose a car with and without keys, or will you choose a regular car?