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2019 Compulsory installation of electronic "car ID card",

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The clock of 2019 is about to ring. Celebrating the arrival of the New Year also means that many new rules must be changed. Today, come and comb before the New Year.
When it comes to New Year's trips, please give your car owner a good look and share it with your friends and family
2019 Important reforms
Compulsory installation of electronic license plates
12 points for fatigue driving
6 Years Free of Inspection for Small Private Cars
High speed must signal ahead.
Automatic demotion of driver's license
1. Compulsory installation of electronic license plates
The electronic license plate is equivalent to the electronic ID card of the car in the future. The size and ID card are similar, and the electronic chip is installed.
Traffic police departments can use instruments to identify and obtain all information about the vehicle. Without permission, they will face a fine of 200-500 yuan.
2. Fatigue driving deduction 12 points
Friends who drive home during the new year must pay attention. From 2019, no matter what vehicle you drive, as long as you drive for more than 4 hours in a row, or the rest time is less than 20 minutes, you are detected by the system and you are directly deducted. 12 points.
3. Small private cars are exempt from inspection for 6 years and can be handled elsewhere
In the past, only new cars could be exempted from inspection for 6 years. From January 1, 2019, all small private cars would implement a six-year exemption policy, and they could also be cross-provincial annual inspections and cancel the commissioning inspection procedures.
Please note that the small private cars that are exempted from inspection are non-commissioned vehicles with 7 seats or less(excluding 7 seats).
4. High speed must signal in advance
If the vehicle enters the high speed or leaves the high speed, it must turn on the turn signal in advance. Otherwise, it will be fined between 20 and 200 yuan.
You may have heard of it before, but the grip is not strict, remind you to follow the traffic regulations, the next will be strictly arrested.
5. Automatic demotion of driver's license
Starting next year, those who hold the five driver's licenses of A1, A2, A3, B1, and B2 will be automatically downgraded in the following four cases:
1. The driver is deducted 12 points in a scoring cycle;
2. The driver's driving license did not participate in the examination in three consecutive scoring cycles;
3. A major traffic accident occurred on the road, resulting in casualties and being the main person in charge;
4. Driver is 60 years old and automatically reduced to C1 driver's license
Those who hold A or B driver's licenses without illegal deduction before each year's annual review may be exempted from annual review the following year.
If the electronic license plate is installed in the future, I believe that the traffic police department's investigation and punishment of traffic regulations will be more stringent. In the new year, I wish all new and old drivers driving on the road are not illegal, no fines, and a safe journey.