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What's for dinner? -- -- -- "Hailan"

Time:2018-07-27 / Popularity:

Recently, the clothing industry ushered in a major event, the United States group entered the clothing industry, Hailan's home successfully entered the United States group, takeaway can also "point clothes." One is a clothing seller and the other is a gourmet restaurant. The crossover always seems a bit odd. But like shunfeng, where there is no shelf, cross-border cooperation has now become a trend to get what it needs.
The cooperation between Hailan and the United States has already begun in February this year. According to the sources of the United States and the United States, the "cooperation with Hailan is still in communication and is currently in the trial operation and testing phase."
Until July 23, Hailan announced on the official WeChat public number that it was officially admitted to the United States. The U.S. takeaway personnel can pick up goods from the stores under the Hailan and deliver them to users within one hour. And Hailan promised that the online and offline prices would be the same. This is also the new online retail sales conducted by the U.S. group that once again joined hands with Hailan after the public comment and cooperation with Hailan.
At present, Hailan's "takeaway clothing" has reached nearly 5,000 physical stores. In the U.S. take-out search for "Hailan's House", if there are related stores nearby, consumers can directly order. If not, consumers can also choose to run errands. There is no difference between the entire process and ordering takeout. Even universal red packets sent by American takeout can be used to offset.
It is worth mentioning that this time in the "takeaway clothing" distribution, the United States also upgraded the distribution equipment, adding a custom backpack for the rider to distinguish between the distribution of catering goods and clothing, so as to avoid confusion between the two.
Hailan said the market for "takeaway clothing" is not so broad, and the company is looking for a consumer perspective to seize the pain point of "dress for the occasion". In other words, "takeaway clothing" is intended to help consumers solve the unexpected situation of some clothing in the workplace. For example, when eating, accidentally dripping soup on the clothes; In important occasions, clothes are not formal enough. All can be ordered in the United States and delivered by take-out personnel.
The pain point is painful, but it also makes people suspect that the plate is too small. In response to this point, in recent years, the United States Mission distribution business has not stopped the pace of expansion of the category. In addition to catering distribution, the United States has been active in the distribution of take-out, and online traditional retailers together to provide users with a comprehensive category of instant consumer demand solutions. At present, the U.S. takeaway platform has delivered products such as fresh products, daily necessities, medicines, and flowers within 3 kilometers for 30 minutes. And before that, the American Group Shopping Channel has cooperated with many well-known apparel brands, including ZARA, Uniqlo, and Adidas.
The collaboration between the United States and Hailan House is a precedent for new retail sales in the clothing industry. Hailan's house was previously transported through regular express delivery such as EMS, Shentong, and Yuantong, and after Tencent's stake in February this year, Hailan's house began to seek online cooperation. This move, Hailan's participation in the United States, opened up two roads online and offline, further layout of new retail channels, and this will also be a new retail exploration.
The cooperation between the two will start from the aspects of marketing, distribution, science and technology to carry out business upgrades. In this regard, the panorama of life consumption data of LBS(location-based services) in the United States can provide support for the fine operation of the brand. The RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology and flexible supply chain of Hailan provide the basis for the fine-tuning of new retail operations.
Some professionals also said that the joint venture between Hailan and the United States is the first step after Tencent shares. In the future, consumers will not be limited to the experience of offline brick-and-mortar stores. It is very likely that online lifestyle changes will occur. On the other hand, if Hailan's home is successful this time, it is also a good thing for Tencent, which has previously invested in it, and it will bring more business opportunities.
In addition to the US team's entry into the clothing industry, it has recently begun to implement the business of delivering medicine, delivering dishes to the food market, and even the most popular Starbucks take-out is among them. Therefore, the changes in the new retail sales in the future. Will play a more substantive role, and these roles are also likely to change the way consumers live.