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China Telecom 2018 NFC card reading equipment collection: th

Time:2018-07-17 / Popularity:

 The announcement stated that the project purchased NFC card reading equipment for China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries and branches from 2018 to 2019. In addition, China Telecom requires the collection of devices to support ISO 14443B type card reading, can connect computers through USB ports, can connect mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets through Bluetooth functions, and interact with China Telecom's real-name cloud service platform.
It is reported that NFC is a short-distance high-frequency wireless communication technology that realizes non-contact point-to-point data transmission between operating electronic devices. In smart terminals, it is also possible to allow devices to exchange information quickly and safely through simple touches. NFC can be used for data reading and writing, convenient and safe payment, and can also be transmitted instantly to share pictures, applications, etc. to friends. NFC has three main operating modes: card simulation mode, read and write mode, and point-to-point mode.