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Electronic labels bring a completely different way of using

Time:2018-07-13 / Popularity:

In twentieth Century, automobile products entered the world of human beings. The road is in all directions, and the car has entered thousands of families. Since then, car theft, road toll and traffic management have become a headache.
The car's radio frequency anti-theft lock has solved the problem of vehicle anti-theft. The past car burglar lock, the use is very inconvenient, every time you drive, you have to turn over every pocket to find the car keys; especially when the two hands are full, it is a disagreeable experience to turn the key out in the bag.
Let us in twenty-first Century, we can enjoy the convenience of technology in a completely different way. The car owner only needs to put the card type electronic label on the body. When the car is close to the car, the vehicle will induce the arrival of the owner and allow the owner to open the door lock and so on.
When the owner of the car sits in the driver's seat, through the system, it makes the owner only need to turn the ignition switch gently and make the action of ignition and driving. It does not need to take out the key, and naturally does not need to experience the annoying and tedious movements.
When you drive on the road, you don't have to stop to pay, and the RFID reader of the toll station and the electronic label on your car are "dialogue" with you, so you have completed your payment process and don't delay your journey at all.