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Scan code payment insurance cheated, NFC pay attention again

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Join the day before NFC (near field communication) module Cool S1 mobile version of the line the first sales of hot scenes, less than two hours is sold out.扫码支付险被骗,NFC支付再获关注


Not long ago a shared bicycle suffered a fake two-dimensional code, a Ji'nan public bike scan two-dimensional code, but has been unlocked bike fee, Zhuhai, users also suffered a similar trap. The event allows the two-dimensional code to pay the risk of exposure is obvious, but also once again raised concerns about the industry to pay for NFC.

NFC originated from a wide range of applications in Japan       NFC(Near Field Communication),即近距离无线通讯技术,最早由索尼公司开发,是一种非接触识别和互联技术。日本有个专有名称——Felica,含义为“幸福卡片”,Felica可进行电子货币余额确认,充值,网络购物,查看乘车的历史记录等。    NFC (Near Field Communication), that is, short-range wireless communication technology, developed by Sony Corp, is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology. Japan has a proprietary name - Felica, meaning "happy card", Felica can confirm the balance of electronic money, recharge, online shopping, view the history of the car, etc..扫码支付险被骗,NFC支付再获关注

  In Japan, NFC technology is widely used in Suica, Pasmo, nanaco, Waon, quicpay and other electronic currency, can be used in many places, such as convenience stores. Technically, by buying a USB terminal with SONY Felica and signed, after the amount of Felica will be paid by SONY monthly, quarterly, annual settlement paid to businesses.       手机端,索尼通过与Docomo、软银等移动通信运营商合作,将Felica内嵌于手机中,用户进行相应设置即可绑定电子货币,实现移动支付的功能。商超购物和乘车缴费等都可以用手机支付,甚至能用手机购买电视节目。    Mobile terminal, SONY through cooperation with Docomo, Softbank and other mobile communications operators, the Felica embedded in the phone, the user can set the appropriate settings for electronic currency, mobile payment function. Super shopping and travel fees can be paid with a mobile phone, and even the use of mobile phones to buy TV programs.       国内NFC支付生态体系正在形成    Domestic NFC payment ecosystem is taking shape



 As can be seen, NFC payment security, speed and no net payment, the advantage is obvious.       在推广模式上,以Docomo、软银为代表的移动通信运营商是日本移动支付链条的主导方,相关标准也由运营商统一制定,但在国内这种模式无法复制。更有效的方式,是建立由运营商、手机等终端厂商以及商家在内的产业链各方协作共建的生态体系。    In the promotion model, Docomo, Softbank as the representative of the mobile operator is the dominant mobile payment chain in Japan, the relevant standards are unified by the operator to develop, but this model can not be copied in the country. A more effective way is to establish an ecological system by operators, mobile phones and other terminal manufacturers, as well as businesses, including the industrial chain to build cooperation.


  At present, China Mobile launched and package (NFC) business, users of the business to take the bus to brush the machine to pay, in the super shopping can enjoy some concessions.       酷派推出的Cool S1移动版加入了NFC模块,并入围首批中移动战略定制机型。来自终端厂商的推动让NFC日益普及,运营商与终端厂商的合作成效明显。    Cool launched Cool S1 mobile version joined the NFC module, incorporated into the first round of the mobile strategy customized models. From the terminal manufacturers to promote the growing popularity of NFC, operators and terminal manufacturers to achieve remarkable results.       随着以Apple Pay为代表的基于NFC技术的应用普及,用户、商家、运营商以及终端厂家也终将打成一片,为移动支付开拓崭新局面。    With Apple Pay as the representative of the popularity of NFC based applications, users, businesses, operators and terminal manufacturers will eventually become a new situation for mobile payments.