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Hami, Xinjiang automotive electronic logo + Beidou project i

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March 15th, the Hami public transportation service platform demonstration project, the second meeting will be held in Hami municipal office building conference room. Since August 18, 2016 the first coordination meeting, the government will attach great importance to the construction of the project, in policy, manpower, space, infrastructure and other aspects have made positive efforts, the effect has been initially apparent. The main purpose of this meeting is to sum up the experience of the previous work, the main problems in the implementation of the project analysis and on-site office, the deployment of the next phase of work.       会议由市人大党组书记、主任艾赛提·扎克尔同志主持,市政法委、市交通运输局、市公安局等29个单位代表出席了会议。会上,各与会单位代表分别就前期哈密交通物联网公共服务平台的进展情况以及后期的实施工作进行了安排部署。本次会议标志着基于汽车电子标识+北斗定位系统进入了实质性部署、测试、试运行阶段。    The meeting was chaired by the Municipal People's Congress party secretary, director Asad Zacher, municipal political and Law Commission, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other 29 units attended the meeting. At the meeting, the representatives of the participating units were on the eve of the development of the Hami transportation network of public service platform and the late implementation of the work of the deployment. The meeting marks the basis of automotive electronic identification + Beidou Positioning System into a substantive deployment, testing, commissioning phase.       “哈密交通物联网公共服务平台示范工程”,属新疆首个基于汽车电子标识+北斗定位系统的智慧交通项目。该项目将汽车电子标识技术与北斗高精度定位技术进行深度融合,从而为政府部门提供公共安全、城市管理、道路规划、交通决策等业务支撑服务,同时也可以为老百姓提供车辆快速通过、车辆运行安全、公共交通预告、停车场车位预约等惠民服务。该项目的建设不但对于“智慧城市”信息产业发展具有十分深远的示范效应,也对构筑哈密反恐维稳工作奠定了坚实的基础。    Hami traffic networking public service platform demonstration project, is the first of Xinjiang based on automotive electronic identification + Beidou Positioning System Intelligent Transportation projects. The project will vehicle electronic identification technology and the high precision positioning technology of the depth of integration, so as to provide the government departments of public security, city management, road planning, traffic decision-making and other business support services, but also can provide the vehicle quickly through the vehicle operation safety, public transport, trailers, parking parking reservation service for the benefit of people. The construction of the project is not only for the wisdom of the city, the development of the information industry has a very profound demonstration effect, but also to build counter-terrorism work in Hami has laid a solid foundation.       据资料统计,中国从1989年到2016年28年间共发生了恐怖袭击活动数百起,且最近几年来有上升趋势。受到错综复杂的国内外局势和“三股势力”的影响,新疆近年来的反恐形势依然十分严峻。2011年“7.18”和田暴力恐怖事件、2013年“8.20”喀什暴力恐怖袭击案、“12.15”疏附暴力恐怖袭击案、2014年的“12.30”莎车暴力恐怖袭击案 、2016年的墨玉县 “12.28”事件等暴恐案件不断发生,其中部分都是将车辆作为暴恐工具,教训极其深刻。因此,我们有必要对车辆进行有效地监督与管理,实现对所辖车辆实时监控、调度、控制,做到事前预警、事中研判、事后问责,为地区安全稳定提供有效的技术保障。    According to statistics, China from 1989 to 28, a total of terrorist attacks occurred hundreds of years, and in recent years there has been an upward trend. Affected by the complexity of the situation at home and abroad and the "three forces", Xinjiang's anti-terrorism situation in recent years is still very grim. 2011 "7.18" Tian and violent terrorist incidents, "2013 8.20" violent terrorist attacks in Kashi, "12.15" violent terrorist attacks in Shufu, 2014 "12.30" violent terrorist attacks in Shache in 2016, Moyu county "12.28" incident of fear of violence cases continue to occur, which is part of the vehicle as the fear of violence tools and lessons. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively monitor and management of vehicles, to achieve real-time monitoring and control of the jurisdiction, vehicle scheduling, do advance, judged, afterwards accountability, to provide effective technical support for regional security and stability.       对所有车辆配装汽车电子标识,同时对“三客一危”车辆、工程车、货车、公务车的特殊车辆加(换)装北斗车载终端,在重要路口、停车场、重点防范等区域除原有视频卡口外,安装汽车电子标识读写器。随着应用的普及,工程将考虑对每辆电动车、摩托车、农用机械等安装有源RFID标识。有源RFID标识可以张贴于这些车辆的后备箱、坐垫下箱子、手套箱、电瓶外壁等隐蔽位置。有源RFID标识具有读写功率大、读写距离远等特点,同样可以作为车辆信息的载体,已解决无前挡风玻璃的问题。    All vehicles equipped with vehicle electronic identification, at the same time a dangerous three passenger vehicles, engineering vehicles, trucks, special vehicles and public service vehicles (change) installed Beidou terminal, at major intersections, parking lot, focus on prevention and other areas in addition to the original video card outside, installation of automotive electronic identification reader. With the popularization of the application, the project will consider the installation of active RFID logo for each electric vehicle, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, etc.. Active RFID logo can be posted on the trunk of these vehicles, under the cushion box, glove box, battery wall and other hidden positions. The active RFID tag has the characteristics of large read and write power, far reading and writing distance, and can also be used as a vehicle information carrier.       通过“识别率极高的汽车电子标识+精确定位的北斗导航系统”两种模式巧妙的相结合能够直接提高对车辆的监管力度和效率。再通过正在建设的交通物联网综合监管服务平台,依靠大数据分析技术和人工智能技术等,最终实现对基本情况异常的车辆进行自动研判,对车辆的行为进行分析,对车辆可疑行为进行预警告警,对违规与轨迹异常、禁入禁出车辆告警,对可疑聚集与伴随等行为进行挖掘,引导公安交警及时对相关车辆进行布控检查,从而有效的提升哈密地区反恐维稳能力、加快物联网在交通领域的应用、推动新疆智能交通的发展。    Through the identification rate is very high automotive electronic identification + precise positioning of the Beidou navigation system, the combination of the two models can be combined to improve the supervision and efficiency of vehicles. The object is the construction of the network traffic supervision service platform, relying on large data analysis technology and artificial intelligence technology, realize the basic situation of the abnormal vehicle automatically judged on the vehicle behavior analysis, early warning alarm of vehicle and track suspicious behavior of illegal vehicle alarm abnormal, Ban Ban, for mining for suspicious behavior and aggregation with, guide the traffic police promptly dispatched inspection of vehicles, anti-terrorism in Hami area so as to effectively improve dimensional stability, speed up the Internet of things in the field of transportation should be used to promote the development of intelligent transportation, Xinjiang.