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RFID networking technology will help disaster relief

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Now in the Internet era, people and things connected with the dynamic time perception, and intelligent decision-making and ubiquitous application, the key forward city disaster reduction and relief work, the disaster relief gradually shifted to anti perception based early warning. It can be said that this is a revolutionary change, greatly reducing the occurrence of disasters, from passive emergency rescue to the initiative of the early warning of disaster prevention. The application of the Internet of things in disaster relief has brought great convenience to disaster relief.       随着自然环境的恶化,自然灾难在近几年频繁出现,而作为新兴技术的物联网技术,在面对灾难时也将更多的应用到灾难的预防与救援当中,RFID、无线传感、GPS全球定位、条码技术等在各种自然灾害面前都发挥着各自的作用,为人们的生命财产安全提供很好的技术保障。    With the deterioration of the natural environment, natural disasters in recent years appear frequently, as a new technology of networking technology, in the face of disaster prevention and rescue will be more applied to the disaster, RFID, wireless sensor, GPS global positioning and barcode technology in a variety of natural disasters have all played their provide technical support, good for people's life and property safety.       在时间就是生命的灾难,物联网技术为在各种情况下的突发事件,赢得了更多的应急和救援时间。那物联网技术具体在灾难中有哪些作用呢?对人们生命财产安全的保护又能起怎样的作用呢?下面浅谈物联网技术在灾难中的各种应用。    In the time is the life of the disaster, the Internet of things technology in a variety of emergencies, won more emergency and rescue time. What is the specific role of the Internet of things in the disaster on the protection of people's lives and property and how can we do?.       地质灾害,物联网技术应用于防与救    Geological disasters, networking technology used in the prevention and rescue       早几年,英国研究者已开始研究使用RFID和传感器来监控地震中的房屋,他们把已建成在希腊的原型称为“自治愈”房屋。这种房屋在墙中专门设计了缝隙空间,并且墙体中加入了可在强压下变为流体的材料。    A few years ago, British researchers have begun to study the use of RFID and sensors to monitor the housing in the earthquake, they have built in Greece, known as the "self healing" housing. The houses in the wall in a specially designed gap space, and the wall can be added into the fluid material under pressure.       如果受到地震引起的压力,流体回流到缝隙中,不会对固体墙面产生影响。其结果是,房屋依旧存在,但可能会移动位置。如果建筑没有坍塌,通过RFID和传感器收集的数据会用来判别位置偏移量。此外,建筑中的RFID标签和传感器可以共同构建一套警报系统,来预警即将到来的地震。    If the pressure caused by the earthquake, the fluid back into the gap, will not affect the solid wall. As a result, the house is still there, but it may move. If the building does not collapse, the data collected by the RFID and the sensor will be used to determine the location offset. In addition, the construction of the RFID tags and sensors can work together to build a warning system to alert the upcoming earthquake.       而灾后的救援工作RFID也尽显神通,在日本,RFID标签被贴在避难道路路面上,这样避难者可以通过便携设备清楚地知道安全避难场所的具体位置,起到了很好的引导作用。如果有人被埋在废墟当中,被困者可以通过内置RFID标签的手机提供搜救人员自己的具体位置信息,以便搜救者能以最快的速度展开营救。    But after the disaster relief work in RFID also show supernatural powers, in Japan, the RFID label is affixed to the refuge on the roads, so that asylum seekers can clearly know the specific location of the safe refuge through portable devices, played a very good role in guiding. If someone is buried in the ruins of the trapped by the built-in RFID tags to provide specific information about the location of the search and rescue personnel, so that the search and rescue personnel to the fastest speed to rescue.       火灾中RFID应用到监测与逃生    Application of RFID in fire monitoring and escape       在火灾当中,物联网技术为求救者提供了更多生还的机会,RFID应用在逃生工具中,使得逃生效率更高。市场上有一款火灾逃生面罩产品集成了RFID技术,该产品只需手指触摸即可激活面罩的电源和RFID系统,直接与救援人员通讯。    In the middle of the fire, the Internet of things technology to help people with more opportunities to survive, RFID application in the escape tool, making the escape efficiency is higher. There is a fire escape mask products on the market integrated RFID technology, the product can only be activated by the touch of the mask and RFID power system, direct communication with rescue workers.       还有一个重要的功能,面罩前面会激光投影一个大大的指引箭头,引导逃生人员最佳的逃生路线,更快地找到最近的逃生点。该技术的集成主要为逃生者导向,面罩是作为一个读头,而在逃生路径上将安装耐高温RFID电子标签,读头可通过读取路途中的RFID电子标签进行定位导向。    There is also an important feature in front of the mask will be a large projection of the laser pointer arrow, guide the best escape route escape personnel, faster to find the nearest escape point. The technology integration is mainly oriented to escape, mask is used as a read head, and in the escape path will be installed high temperature resistant RFID tag, RFID tag reader can be read by the way of positioning guide.       在火灾的监控中,RFID技术同样适用,韩国政府为保护遗迹,在某寺庙后的林区安置了RFID系统做为火灾监控。主要是通过安装读取器实现对区域的火灾监控,该读取器能感测与读取到温度资料,除此之外,这个特殊设计的读取器容器可旋转镜头,用以感测周遭环境,而不用在林区中架满感测器,否则,可能有碍遗迹观瞻。    In the fire monitoring, RFID technology is also applicable, the Korean government to protect the ruins, in a temple in the forest area of the RFID system as a fire monitoring. Mainly through the installation of fire monitoring on the regional implementation of the reader, the reader can sense and read the temperature data, in addition, the special design of the reader container can rotate the camera, is used to sense the surrounding environment, rather than in the forest in the full frame sensor, otherwise, may prevent unsightly ruins.       由读取器所取得的资料则被放置在一平台上,寺方得定时做温度监视,一旦火灾意外发生,则透过系统发生警示,寺方得就个别读取器定位,知道火灾发生地点。    The data obtained by the reader is placed on a platform, the monastery was doing regular temperature monitoring, once the fire accident, through system warning, the monastery was the individual reader positioning, know where the fire.       RFID找寻被淹汽车,标识受灾疏散人员    RFID looking for flooded cars, marking the affected evacuees       近几年全球气候变得更加异常,台风危害和降雨急促造成的城市内涝,危害着人们的生命财产安全,前些时候北京内涝对救援效率考验让人失望。    In recent years, the global climate has become even more unusual, typhoon hazards and rapid rainfall caused by urban waterlogging, endangering people's lives and property safety, a few days ago, Beijing, the efficiency of the rescue of the test of water logging disappointing.       近日,公安部第三研究所物联网研发中心欲研发一种物联网技术,该技术可在车内装载RFID射频芯片、传感器以及GPS模块,将车辆、汽车厂商及4S店、公安部门联通到一个信息平台上,如果汽车被淹在水里,救援人员只要拿着RFID接收器,对着汽车扫描,就可确定具体车辆,实施救援。    Recently, the Third Research Institute of networking research and Development Center for the development of a networking technology, this technology can load the RFID RF chip, sensor and GPS module in the vehicle, the vehicle, car manufacturers and 4S stores, public security departments Unicom into an information platform, if the car was submerged in the water, rescue workers if you hold a RFID receiver to auto scan, we can determine the specific implementation of the rescue vehicle.       据相关人士介绍,RFID射频芯片相当于汽车的电子身份证,包含车主、车型等信息;传感器可感应车内温度、水位等,GPS模块则可帮助定位。车主还可将自己的手机,通过蓝牙等方式与传感器联通。    According to the relevant sources, RFID RF chip equivalent to the car's electronic identity card, including owners, models and other information; sensors can sense the temperature, water level, etc., GPS module can help locate. Owners can also own mobile phones, Bluetooth and other means of communication with the sensor.       如果汽车出现淹水现象,车门、车窗都自动关闭时,传感器自动感应后,会将危险信息传达到车主的手机上。车主则可将信息传达到信息平台。信息到达平台后,会被汽车厂商、4S店、公安部门等看到,救援人员会根据车上的GPS模块找到汽车的具体位置。    If the car appears flooding phenomenon, doors, windows are automatically shut down, the sensor automatically after induction, will convey the danger to the owner's cell phone. Owners can convey information to the information platform. After the arrival of the information platform, will be car manufacturers, 4S stores, public security departments, etc., rescue workers will be based on the car's GPS module to find the specific location of the car.       如果汽车被淹在水里,救援人员只要拿着RFID接收器,对着汽车扫描,就可确定具体车辆,实施救    If the car flooded in the water, as long as the rescue personnel with a RFID receiver, scan the car, you can determine the specific vehicle, the implementation of rescue