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The socks are not hard to find! RFID chip implanted sock loc

Time:2018-07-26 / Popularity:

to monitor the traces of livestock. They rely on RFID technology to implement the Internet of Things technology for the intelligent management of logistics information systems. With the arrival of the era of big data, it has also developed. In full swing.
At present, at least one clothing company is using RFID technology, and some have added RFID labels to clothing to track the number of times consumers have tested a garment in a shopping mall to obtain consumption data; Some add an RFID tag to their socks to track their exact location. Whether the other sock is hidden in the dresser drawer or under the bed, even if the two socks are mismatched, they can be found.
Socks equipped with RFID chips have a radio transmitter tag that sends signals through Bluetooth to APPs on smartphones. Users can use this application to find the exact location of the sock. The app also lets them know key information, such as whether or not the socks have been washed and for how long.
Two schools in San Antonio, Texas, have used similar technology, using RFID technology to track students 'movements on campus, ensuring an accurate number of people to protect students, and also letting the school know when students will be absent.