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Security RFID police gun management system

Time:2016-06-18 / Popularity:


System introduced
  Police use of firearms is a special tool to deter crime and firearms for police management is particularly important. Gun is in the works for police firearms storage, warehousing, transport, use, carry, restitution and other links on the effective monitoring and management. If monitoring is not in place, will bring significant security risks to the country and society.
  This system uses RFID technology in police gun management using RFID guns in gun control cabinet monitor cabinet number, serial number and other information. Does manage to police officers in firearms use before, requisition, use and return of all aspects, change status of the firearm immediately reported to the system control center.
  This system is an automatic identification technology, is an effective supervision of firearms access networking technology, is very effective in tracking and statistics tool.
  This system can solve the problem
  1. providing strict and convenient gun use and management mechanism
  2. managers a real-time understanding of firearms, information through the management
  3. the solution caused by human factors safety hazard
  4. from the technical means to curb bad behavior
  The system consists of the following parts:
  1. gun warehouse real time monitoring and management
  2. the gun was taken out of the sentry on duty of monitoring and management
  3. when the gun was taken out of the shooting range management

Gun RFID tag

  1. gun 2.4G active RFID tag RFID electronic label, each tag is assigned a unique ID number, associated in the system information such as the serial number, model number, date of manufacture of a firearm
  2. firearms, RFID tags using electronic lock binding of firearms and prevent electronic labels and the guns on segregation

  1. active electronic label through the hanging loop this rifle metal buckles to form loops. Active RFID tag size is about 28mmx20mmx7.5mm
  2. active RFID tags using the hanging loop circuit design of the coaxial cable, connection cannot be short circuit, electronic label in the control area lost or damaged, the reader fail to detect, are accessible through the system alarm
  3. active RFID battery service life for 2.5 years, and automatically sends the power mechanism, the system will be to share the capacity of each tag is below the safe energy, and recommends replacement of the electronic label

  Firearms, RFID reader/writer device installed in the warehouse, real time electronic tag information in the warehouse (firearm information) are sent over the network to the System Center, monitor the number and types of firearms information

  Gun cabinet door installation proximity switch or infrared probe and probe trigger line connection, and when the door is opened (gun cabinet with doors) or persons approaching (gun cabinet doors), trigger the gun Cabinet sends signals to the monitoring system, the monitoring system records in warehouse and control cameras PTZ camera turned to the gun cabinet records, until the day they left.
Approval process for firearms use
  1. when the police officers (staff identification card) when using firearms is needed, apply for firearm model in your system
  2. police officers vetting system after distribution of firearms, firearms identification in the system for the receiving State
  3. police officers brushing using identification cards into the gun the Treasury corresponds to the firearm, and does not correspond to non-authorized officers or firearms is not receiving
Gun in sentry on duty monitoring management

        System sentry location for installing the RFID reader, Sentry electronic labels in the area of information in real time (firearm information) is sent to the data centre, guns in a non-specified time alarm when you leave the monitored area.
Gun shooting range monitoring and management

  Installing threaded around the range reader, electronic labels in the range area information in real time (firearm information) is sent to the data centre, guns will be under the condition of non-authorized to leave the monitored area in alarm.
System security management

  When tag is damaged, the receiver is damaged or branching system is not working correctly it will automatically trigger the alarm, alarm support alarm, SMS, email.
RFID receiver pass 訊
  Online device has ' heartbeat ' mechanisms, namely computer and network connection is successful, sends a heartbeat packet to the computer every two seconds, if your computer for more than 3 seconds without receiving a heartbeat packet triggers the alarm.
  Each system branch and systems Center real-time reporting system status

  Each system branch real-time system operation itself is sent to a remote system Center System Center and to distinguish the current system is normal, or trigger the alarm.