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FMCG RFID Security and traceability information management s

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     First, Programme overview
  RFID Contactless RFID technology in anti-counterfeit alcohol technology, effective control of criminals counterfeiting. Based on RFID technology, from liquor factories, inventory, logistics, sales, and ultimately to the consumers of the drink, form a complete security management system. To optimize the production, circulation and marketing links, the whole link discreet, realizing scientific information management. Effective security, the effective transfer of information, improve all aspects of the monitoring, can effectively guarantee the quality of the wine and the interests of manufacturers, alcoholic market and perfect the entire industrial chain.
  Second, the programmatic context
  Drinks now cost an event, to the production of wine manufacturers and sales of businesses, and consumers a great deal of damage and loss. The whole industry chain is therefore lost. With the development of modern science and technology, the development of anti-counterfeiting technology continues, self interest due, but counterfeiters also master the technique. Traditional anti-counterfeiting technology has significant limitations, can easily be lawless elements forged, security effect is not obvious, verify that complex or cannot be verified, poor security, not traditional whole link cannot be monitored, and thus cannot be guaranteed true hi-fi quality, can't really solve the problem.

  Third, the system functions
  1) RFID tags effective security
  Each RFID tag is assigned a globally unique RFID codes cannot be modified and forgery. Application can eliminate specific wines using suitable RFID tags, no mechanical wear, anti-fouling, readers read and write has not directly open the physical interface to the end user, ensuring its own security. Label is disposable, consumed label record labels such as end of life information in the database, preventing some cracking and complex fraud using an encrypted message.
  2) RFID hosting a variety of information
  RFID label has storage volume big of advantage, can times of increased, delete information, application manufacturers can according to needs through the system can records each bottle wine of production, and warehouse, and sales, and factory to of eventually of consumers of using of full process, and can automatically statistics production, and sales, information, in reached security effect of while, in one fell swoop more have, achieved wine class products management of information, from overall Shang perfect has management.
  3) efficient data acquisition
  Traditional data collection remains in manual records and simple computer management. RFID reader sends a certain frequency of the RF signal by the antenna, when labels into the magnetic field induced current in order to get energy, send out encoded information is read and decoded by reader send to computer-related treatment. , Read by RFID reader RFID labels, label reading, distance to within a few meters, for efficient data collection.
  4) real-time tracking, monitoring
  Each RFID reader via GPRS or on a network to connect to the server in production, warehousing, logistics, and ultimately sales, effectively recording track. �%

  5) responsibilities and rights
  In the process, from production to final sale, could be implemented in a clear performance appraisal, reward high efficiency, good performance of employees, and where if a problem occurs, can accurately identify those responsible.
  6) facilitate regulatory supervision
  Wineries can also cooperate with market regulation, such as commerce, taxation and other government departments to assist related departments to strengthen supervision of shoddy products. Manufacturers can will authorized of terminal provides to local of related regulatory sector, dang has consumers suspected wine of authenticity Shi can directly to related authority sector for identification, while, regulatory sector also can with Shang equipment to market for check, both can improve true of identify of accuracy, and can improve efficiency and public reliability, improve enterprise in market Shang of credibility and visibility, effective of specification market order.
  7) lowering the minimum has cost
  A one-time investment, various issues, benefits for a long time. Now higher-end products and some hundreds of thousands of Yuan, even tens of thousands of Yuan. If that's the product by lawless elements forged, its loss was self-evident. Compared to the enterprise investment in RFID cost is not high, if there is a problem, not only for its business interests suffered huge losses and damage a brand's image. Such investments not only effective security, up a notch from an overall information management, establish a brand image and maximize.
  Four, the system advantages
  Source systems ranging from manufacturer to final sales of all aspects, provide a complete business process data acquisition and real-time transmission, is tailor-made for product manufacturers of complete solutions. According to radio frequency identification RFID chip has a unique ID number features, combined with online data collection device and reader technology, logistics management, sales management, and security of match fixing, and many other features. The advantages of the system are as follows:
  1. Security
  RFID tag manufacturing complex, high cost of production, label has a globally unique number (tag is not available), can be effective security.
  2. integrity
  Production record in the production of the product (each link) and storage procedures (/storage). Logistics records every product in the distribution of the turnover of each link. Radio frequency identification RFID tags to track products, information gathered through the read/write to Center Server management system, management system for product tracking, summary statistics on query, information analysis, integrated operational management of the entire process, such as a printed report.
  3. confidentiality
  Using triple password system, ensure that different applications can only see information corresponding to permissions, and triple password, to prevent people from cracking the system, ensure the system's security.
  4. the live sex
  Each RFID reader/writer through 3G or a wired network to connect to the server in production, warehousing, logistics and sales links can be efficiently recorded and tracked. Mastering the entire business process in real time, clear market trend, manufacturers can be timely adjust marketing strategies according to the statistics, improve business efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  5. accuracy
  Based on the inherent advantages of RFID technology, the label information is set in advance, and readers are ' non-contact ' access tags and related information, this avoids human input error, and significantly reducing data error rate.
  6. reliability
  RFID tag itself has a large storage capacity, reliability, anti-fouling characteristics. Tag depending on the environment starts with the features and technology, making RFID with reliable, anti-magnetic, waterproof, anti-static, wear-free, tags can be reused and so on.
  7. extensibility
  The system based on RFID middleware technology, using b/s structure, modular management, system reliability, high interoperability and humanized operation interface, rich extensibility, you can add new modules, reserving docking interfaces with other systems, statistics, query, can be formed in various reports.
  Five, benefit analysis
  Based on RF recognition of commodity security and tracing information management system to real networking RF recognition technology for data acquisition means, to modern communications technology and database technology for data support, from manufacturers production, and inventory, and logistics, and sales, and eventually to consumers of using, formed a full of quality tracing management system; can on production, and circulation, and sales all link achieved science of information management; perfect all link of monitoring; effective of guarantee products of quality and manufacturers businesses of interests, perfect has market order. Benefits analysis are as follows:
  1. product security
  RFID tag chip using a number of security measures and encrypted digital technology, product name, product specifications, manufacturer, production date, product information, such as digital, in RFID chips. Electronic tags will be attached to the products, in a variety of environments to ensure the normal use. Using tag reader for reading machine-readable information security certification and electronic label security recognizes that effectively play the role of product security.
  2. certification
  Customer or vendor is authorized by tag reader, light Flash, can quickly identify the authenticity of products, product specifications and warranty period. Can be effective in maintaining market order, and improve the efficiency of product inspection to identify and eliminate unnecessary disputes, protect the interests of authorized providers, improve customer service.structure, modular management, system reliability .