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Intelligent RFID vehicle management system

Time:2016-06-18 / Popularity:

     The first part outlines
  A, introduction
  With the rapid development of economic and social progress, great changes in people's lives, transport more subsequent enterprise, unit personnel management is also complex and cumbersome vehicle. This inconvenience is forcing businesses to look for effective management system tools. Intelligent vehicle access management system to comply with such a demand and high-tech products produced, it can not only simplify the approval of vehicles in and out of step, but also automatic human identification identity of vehicles, vehicles of prompting personnel management simple and accurate, and can improve the company's image.
  Second, the system overview
  Vehicles access control system, based on enterprises and access management requirements of the vehicle, the use of remote radio frequency identification technology and automatic control technology of intelligent management systems with international advanced level in order to achieve the purpose of personnel access to convenient, fast. To improve the corporate image and management, service standards will play an important role.
  Third, the system schematic


  Second part of the system functions
Fully automated identification management system functions
  Employee vehicle issued a long distance identification card, card fixed in certain parts of the car (such as: front windshield glass). In the front gate buried in the ground far from the sensor, when vehicles carrying RFID smart cards when it reaches the sensing area, remote card reader read RFID smart card card number and to the controller, the controller read the card number of the legitimacy to determine if cards the legitimate, the relay on the controller, connected with the automatic parking barrier open. If the card beyond the permission, the relay does not, gate does not open and gives your computer an illegal card alarming information.
  When the vehicle after passing through gate, gate automatically drop bar. When after export of antenna, reader will read the card number of the card, but does not output to the controller, so that export barrier would not be opened. Company openings using automatic parking barrier, received from the controller's door after the barrier opens automatically; after the vehicle automatically drop bar.

  Third part of the system advantages
  , High stability and reliability
  The system uses remote sensing products, distance sensors, readout speed and features such as multiple recognition from many important car park that is already installed and the user's actual, we can see that the system has a high stability and reliability.
  Second, establishing a new enterprise management image
  Vehicle access control system using a closer in the past induction or contact type IC card, owners need to stop credit card or open a window close to the card reader the card swipe is not convenient and the slow response of the system. The system uses remote sensing (1-3 m) can be achieved without stopping induced traffic (60KM/hours), so the driver will bring convenience and practicality. New management concept will enable business unit management image and popularity have been greatly improved, the automated management of the firm entered into a new stage.
  Third, high security
  A bus card, data archiving. Ensure the free access of foreign vehicles, and ensure the security of offline testing records. Automatic control management system, vehicles by card access units, one card, one car, computer automatic control of vehicles in and out of the whole process, put an end to control the inconvenience brought about by, so as to achieve automatic, fast, convenient, and safe management purposes.

  Four, high security
  Previous card in card will always appear in the course of repeated code. In the heavy trucks can lead to system security. Induction card number by HID and PID code. Factory of strict management to ensure that the uniqueness of the card number, card-reader communication using a unique encryption, effectively prevent weight code and card are copied.
  Five, for reliable
  The system uses low-frequency radio frequency automatic identification card of our company. The induction card varieties, suitable for different application areas. Shapes are airtight, dustproof and waterproof. Service life of 3 years, working temperature: -20~+60 c.
  Six, computer management
  The system uses computer management, vehicle-related information stored in the computer for each user, for example, vehicle license plate number, vehicle, color photos, the owner of such information. At the time of vehicle access, relevant file automatically brings up a computer screen to facilitate staff supervision.
  System (map)


  Intelligent vehicle management system processes
  Road entrances units installed RFID reader, camera, Induction coil, LED display, and install it on each motor vehicle and non-vehicle RFID electronic tags for distance information read to check if the vehicle is the vehicle, release or registration in case of unlawful use of stolen vehicle system will alarm automatically.
  Work flow (chart)


  Intelligent vehicle management system
  (1) for non-stop fast-access functions, internal vehicle neglect;
  (2) as stipulated in the vehicle parking space self guide function make the vehicle one with spaces;
  (3) according to the ID number of the vehicle to determine whether it is a legitimate vehicle or theft of vehicles;
  (4) install electronic tags in the vehicle, safe and convenient, durable;
  (5) external vehicles to use RFID tags, registration tracking convenience;
  (6) with LED display Chinese: display welcome message, car, parking, location, admission guidance information.