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RFID Asset storage system

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  1. system overview
  Fixed assets management system is based on the Internet of things RFID RFID technologies, video capture technology, cloud computing, GIS technology, specifically designed for enterprises and Government departments, institutes and other departments with tailored integration integrated asset management platform.
  This system by assets real-time positioning track security management and assets life cycle full management two part constitute, not only completed assets from introduced to destroyed whole process in the of as built document, and inventory, and outside take, and returned, and maintenance, and scrap, and records and the statistics query, series related management, and further do on all location assets State of real-time statistics, and history mobile track of Visual of monitoring management, and on non-authorized mobile, and lost, exception situation for security alarm, function. This system enables asset management information, visualization, networking, and intelligent, in improving efficiency at the same time, increase the intensity of asset management.
  2. system features
  (1) the use of the Internet of things RFID technology and assets for real-time location monitoring, through the graphical display interface clearly displays the current location of each asset, so that staff can be more convenient and accurate asset management to protect assets.
  (2) assets in the system can be displayed in the graphical interface for regional security, disarm, authorized the move, and other regulatory setting, and have lost the alarm, unauthorized movement alarms, tag tamper alarm security alarm and other forms, and provide more reliable security for the management of assets.
  (3) using the Visual query interface to manage the assets status, more visible, effectively improve asset management in the region.
  (4) the Internet of things RFID, data acquisition, intelligent positioning, cloud computing, and other technologies to achieve comprehensive multifunction system.
3. system composition



  4. system features
  The system consists of: assets RFID real-time location tracking systems, RFID network asset management systems, RFID handheld mobile device management system.
  4.1 assets RFID real-time location tracking system


  (1) asset location tracking
  Graphical display interface system for real-time location updates on asset distribution display and real-time query specifying location of the asset and its historical trajectory.
  --Import management zone map
  --RFID asset location
  --The movement of assets track display
  --Asset location query
  --Visual management
  (2) the assets in real time monitoring
  System assets and management of regional security, disarm, authorize the move set of regulatory assets for real-time location and status monitoring of asset loss, illicit labels disassembly, unauthorized mobile issues such as video capture and alarm via voice, text, and alarm location in the corresponding plane of the system shown in the figure.
  --Asset protection removal
  --Authorized mobile
  --Security zone settings
  --Asset loss alarm
  --Illegal removal warning
  --Asset unauthorized mobile alarm
  --Video surveillance
  --Alarm location prompt
  (3) Visual query
  Managers through regional plans to manage asset information, location, security visualization query.
  --Missing warning query
  --Tamper alarm query
  --Unauthorized mobile query
  --Asset information
  --Monitoring status query
  4.2 asset management RFID network system


  (1) asset management
  For assets increase, receiving, lent returned, inventory, obsolescence, depreciation general administrative records, information registration management.
  --Asset management
  --Assets use management
  --Asset lending management
  --Asset return management
  --Asset inventory management
  --Asset management
  --Asset allocation management
  Cleanup--asset management
  --Asset change management
  --Assets management
  (2) asset warning
  Asset loss, disassembly, unauthorized movement of illegal labels, system management interface available for immediate viewing and processing alarm messages;
  --Alarm information
  (3) statistical inquiry
  Of asset management information, personnel and Department information, running status, data reports and query management, and management graphical interface which corresponds to the data, make managers effective asset review and its related history staff information, and statistical functions (can be customized according to user requirements free other queries);
  --Asset count query
  --Asset allocation of query
  --Assets inquiry
  --Asset cleanup query
  --Asset distribution query
  --Asset tracking
  --Inventory summary statistics
  (4) basic data management
  Information for users on the asset entry, query, modify, delete and other data management;
  --Asset management
  --Use sector management
  --Information management staff
  --Supplier information management
  4.3 Mobile RFID handheld terminal management system
  RFID handheld mobile terminal management system
  System can utilize RFID handheld mobile terminals through a WiFi network data communication in real time, realize the asset inventory, query, and so on.
  (1) receiving return management
  By RFID handheld mobile terminals to receive the asset return registration and database data via WIFI to upload system, real-time asset status information;
  --Asset use
  (2) inventory management
  Management personnel can through RFID handheld mobile terminal free set inventory way: on specified location or sector of assets for inventory operation, through network real-time upload inventory results; also can ahead of will needed inventory content download to handheld mobile terminal (BY-671A) for inventory; addition in cannot using network situation Xia management personnel can using handheld mobile terminal (BY-671A) for inventory records Hou, again will inventory results upload Management Center for inventory than on.
  --Network inventory
  --Offline inventory
  --Free checking
  (3) the asset information