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"Enlightenment project" No. 201606 recruits!

Time:2016-06-18 / Popularity:

"The" enlightenment project "profile"
"Enlightenment" is "UK mega developers Alliance" plans to set up specifically for enabling new applications. To find applications of China, provide resources for developers new application support, as long as your application quality, a series of resources waiting for you Oh!
"The" enlightenment project "recommended incentives"
British mega-market Home featured show of four-leaf clovers, cloud folder gift bag, new cooperation, pre-installed application resource is waiting for you! We will consider practical factors recommended locations.
"Application process"
1. registered members: registered UK mega developers Alliance member → the real-name authentication and adopted;
2. sending registration: your application is sent to the e-mail
Email topic: enlightenment program + application name + League of soft micro-developer account (real-name authentication)
For example: first planning application +** +008613****
Text: name + phone + email + application + test + application package ID (optional)
3. filter
4. results: Union concerns UK mega developers micro letter public, "INMIGA", will be the public, timely publication of results.
Note: click on the upper right "sign up now" or e-mail application are available.
"Conditions of participation"
1. open British mega-developer of the Union members in less than 3 months;
2. calls for high quality applications (functional, design, and user experience);
3. applications submitted within 3 months of the application in soft micro-market did not participate in any events (except the fresh album and Xiao bian recommended).
"The audit rules"
We will on June 08, audit, June 11 in the "League of UK mega developers" micro public published on the selected application;
Please attention to micro-letter and email in a timely manner, and keep reserved phone unblocked.
"The British mega-developer background"
UK mega developers Alliance is a British mega-terminals of open platform for mobile Internet ecosystem partners, relying on joint mega global platform and the industry chain resources, technical support, application distribution, operational services, with the branding, providing business opportunities for mobile APP development for English Dominican Smartphone consumers create excellent user experience and build a mobile Internet area open ecological! UK mega developers Alliance will open many APP developer-oriented resources and capabilities, including interface, themes, smart home, sports health, and the platform's core competence.