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Innovation, and cross-border passenger Sharon explore the fu

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March 28, British meters added annual "create enjoy • future" across territories salon in Shenzhen success held, gathered has intelligent venture circle now most fire of nine bit "star level" create guest, this times activities in the, guest experts and intelligent venture circle of venture home are of thinking collision, for soft micro-developers Union how better of service developers, and build open ecological provides has valuable of experience.
British mega will continue with "future intelligence"
"British innovation is very concerned about the future trend of mega, immersed in fashion and design, experience, innovation, privacy and security, energy-aware world, enriching the joint, machine intelligence, natural interaction in an ongoing eight investment and accumulation. "In addition, the cross-border at a salon, Planning Minister Ma Chuanyong Huawei Huawei consumer cloud services" cloud service "makes a concise introduction, and alliances among developers in the construction of shared Huawei Huawei's unremitting efforts in an open ecosystem.

Other site of nine bit create guest are from Yu in recent years in intelligent hard, and software field of new sharp venture enterprise, including touch treasure technology joint founder Zhang Kai, and peak Shi interactive joint founder Zhang Shuo, and Fireworks workers square CEO Lou pool, and spring doctor joint founder Teruo, and sing's joint founder Tian Ran, and points Founder Yang Fu, and dye II 0 health technology founder Xiang, and Le money joint founder Wang, and wisdom things CEO Wang Jialiang. All discussion, the consensus is--brings intelligence breakthroughs in the field of virtual reality, but more intelligent innovations will also be implemented on a mobile phone, smartphones will be the future core of intelligent terminals. 


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